Abstracts: June 13th, 2007

This programme is now available to view on egovtv.tv, the online television channel for public service modernisation. It reports on progress in the development of Children’s Services in support of the Every Child Matters agenda. It presents a unique and comprehensive cross-agency view of the progress achieved to date, the challenges encountered and how these are being addressed by the different sectors and their constituent organisations in Health, Education, Social Care, Policing and the Voluntary Sector.The programme focuses on the operational level development of Children’s Services organisations and multi-agency delivery. There is a focus on overcoming the cultural and working issues of the new integrated Children’s team, coordinating services delivered through multi-agency teams and progress on co-location and Children Centres. Management, leadership and commissioning issues are examined together with an update on critical information sharing, integrated children’s systems and the role of the recently announced DfES ContactPoint.

GovTV (www.eGovTV.tv) is a dedicated web-cast television channel for governors of public bodies, council members and senior executives across all public sector organisations and is available free to an unlimited audience at anytime, at any location via the internet.

The programme is available at: http://www.egovtv.tv/home.asp