Abstracts: June 20th, 2007

This programme is now available to view on egovtv.tv, the online television channel for public service modernisation. An Expert Forum reviews progress and outcomes that have been achieved to date and looks at how Councils and their partner agencies across the sectors are addressing the many challenges that exist in successful partnership management and joint working.The panel examine the progress achieved by a variety of Strategic Partnerships and Area Agreements and describe their approaches and experiences in partnership working, the governance and performance management of partnerships and how practical joint working can function at an operational level. They also discuss their local initiatives, the successful outcomes being achieved and the challenges being met.

Topics discussed include issues and challenges, working together, planning and strategy, successful achievements and outcomes and sharing information and evidence for planning.

GovTV (www.eGovTV.tv) is a dedicated web-cast television channel for governors of public bodies, council members and senior executives across all public sector organisations and is available free to an unlimited audience at anytime, at any location via the internet.

The programme can be viewed at: http://www.egovtv.tv/home.asp