Abstracts: July 2nd, 2007

This report from the Society of IT Management describes how some councils are achieving a high take-up of a range of ‘e-services’. Examples include getting 85% of job applications online, 58% of parents applying electronically for school places and 55% of applicants for new recycling bins ordering online.The report demonstrates the potential for web-delivered services to save councils substantial sums of money, not just from efficiency gains, but also from reducing the cost of advertising. Despite this potential many councils have only made modest progress with take up of council e-services. There is little evidence that councils generally are making a corporate commitment to developing online services, or encouraging customers to switch from the more expensive channels to phone and web.

Research for the report revealed that many key decision-makers in councils, including elected members, senior managers, and service managers, do not really appreciate how far or how fast citizens have migrated to the internet and mobile phones, messaging and texting, for all types of information and services.

The report is available from SOCITM http://wwwsocitm.gov.uk Cost 195 pounds.