Abstracts: August 6th, 2007

This programme is now available to view on egovtv.tv, the online television channel for public service modernisation. The expert forum brings together policy leaders, advisors and practitioners to consider the benefits that shared services between councils and other public bodies can deliver and the different approaches to partnerships, governance and commercial arrangements that are proving successful in establishing shared services.The discussion also covers areas such as the direction which central government is setting to encourage shared services, how the private sector can facilitate organizations in tackling the challenges of collaboration and which departments are particularly successful when shared.

Subjects and themes covered include demand and activity of shared services, challenges of implementing shared services and partnerships, relationships and governance.

GovTV (www.eGovTV.tv) is a dedicated web-cast television channel for governors of public bodies, council members and senior executives across all public sector organisations and is available free to an unlimited audience at anytime, at any location via the internet.

The programme can be viewed at: http://www.egovtv.tv/home.asp