Abstracts: August 29th, 2007

This briefing from the Society of IT Management describes the potential efficiency gains from encouraging greater use of the Internet for communicating with councils and processing transactions. Encouraging people to transact business through the Internet and making it easier for them to do so not only provides a fast and efficient service, but it also takes workload away from the traditional channels of letters, phone calls and face to face contact.

The briefing highlights the opportunities available for councils and other organisations in the public sector from exploiting the considerable investments they have made over the last few years in delivering information and services through their websites, and challenges decision-makers with key questions about their readiness to exploit these opportunities. It asks them to consider the quality of information and services available through the website, how willing the public is to use the website, and how determined the organisation is to get customers to make the switch.

The Briefing, published by Socitm costs 50 pounds. It is available from http:///www.socitm.gov.uk