Abstracts: November 21st, 2007

These two publications from acevo (Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations) are designed to fill the gaps for third sector leaders preparing to make a new beginning, either in the first appointment or on retirement.

First 100 Days’ provides a ‘roadmap guide’ to this much acclaimed period in the leadership journey and builds on acevo’s ‘Next Generation CEO’ course run by Cass Business School at City University. ‘First 100 Days’ maps potential pitfalls as well as providing useful tools for use along the road.

‘Leaving the Organisation’ builds on the first hand experience of others and offers practical advice for planning well in advance of retirement. CEOs planning their retirement face a variety of challenges individually and organisationally, until now they have lacked support in this area. Some of the challenges outlined include; being able to ‘helicopter’ out of a detailed management role, managing the relationship with the board and understanding their priorities and using the time to listen and learn as much as possible.

The publications are available from acevo. www.acevo.org.uk