Abstracts: January 30th, 2008

The framework will steer the development of partnership working in delivering health and well-being in the community. It provides for primary caretrusts, NHS trusts, NHS foundation trusts, local authorities and the third and independent sectors to work jointly to drive improved outcomes in health and social care for local areas.

A key feature of the local performance framework is the joint strategic needs assessments which will enable local authorities and primary care trusts,along with other local health partners, to identify and prioritise the healthand well-being needs of local people.

This document sets out the key opportunities offered by the framework and includes a timeline detailing the implementation of individual elements. It describes the impact of embedding this joint approach in all partner organizations to achieve greater flexibility to respond to local priorities.

The aim is that the performance regime within which any local delivery agency operates is coherent and supports improved local delivery while incentivising partnership working as a means to achieve this. Aligning the performance frameworks will involve having common outcomes and measures for tracking progress against them to ensure that local area agreements and PCT operational plans have the same level of standing in the local health and social care economy.

The framework is available at DCLG. http://www.communities.gov.uk/publications/localgovernment/health