Abstracts: March 19th, 2008

The benefits of electronic document management are readily recognized,but the ongoing costs of scanning documents into electronic format are often overlooked. This white paper from Cave Tab Ltd compares the set-up and operating costs of an outsourced scanning service versus an in-house service ina local government benefit claims department, a planning and building control department and an organisation which has a large number of staff required to complete hand-written time sheets.

The white paper gives an overview of workflow-driven systems in which electronic documents are automatically fed into designated in-trays and traditional filing systems in which documents are periodically indexed to the particular customer or subject to which they refer.

The in house systems involve adding a non-core administrative function,with new or re-trained staff, as well as the procurement and maintenance of scanners, computers and associated software. In contrast an outsourced scanning service eliminates the capital spend and operating costs associated with converting documents into electronic format, as well as reducing outcome times,improving accuracy and saving space. The benefits include an estimated cost saving of 30 per cent and improved service levels.

The white paper is available from Cave Tab Ltd. http://www.cavetab.co.uk/pdf/white%20paper.pdf