Abstracts: April 2nd, 2008

This survey by Touchpaper, an international provider of IT Business Management, looked into the challenge of delivering ‘great’ IT services which add strategic value to the organization, as opposed to just ‘good’ IT providing day-to-day maintenance and firefighting. The survey found that 46 per cent of IT directors in the public sector do not believe that their department is delivering ‘great’ IT services.

The research indicates that while the public sector IT directors surveyed understand the concept of ‘great’ IT, many respondents are struggling to actually deliver it. 64 per cent attributed this to not having systems and processes in place to make IT changes effectively, with 73% also lacking solutions to automate the handling of day-to-day IT service and support issues.

The lack of involvement in the decision-making process around major organisational changes is a further hindrance for many in delivering ‘great’ IT services. 33 per cent of IT directors in the public sector are not involved in decision-making around major organisational changes until the implementation stage or later. 62 per cent of organisations do not have an IT representative at senior level. 87 per cent of IT directors in the public sector felt that this lack of senior representation had a direct impact on their ability to deliver ‘great’ IT services

The survey is available from Touchpaper.