Abstracts: April 14th, 2008

This Prospectus from Communities and Local Government draws together the improvement support that is available from central government to help councils and their partners to meet the efficiency challenge. It supports the aim to move beyond competence to achieve transformation of public services.

Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnerships and Local Area Agreement are seen as crucial to the process. The new LAAs will set ambitious targets for improving the quality of life at the local level; they are a central part of the new performance frame work which seeks to reconnect citizens with government.

The delivery of LAAs will require strong local partnerships. Councils and their partners need to be able to understand what their communities want, and to work together effectively to provide the right services, with increasing efficiency and in ways that suit the needs of users and citizens.

This prospectus includes practical offers of support to build strong local partnerships to deliver better local outcomes. It details the support available from the sector’s own improvement bodies, along with support from central government. The prospectus is designed to help councils and their partners to achieve high standards of performance and deliver key national priorities.

Alongside this, Regional Improvement and Efficiency strategies will set out support at a regional and sub-regional level, distinctly reflecting local needs and priorities. They will also set out strong mechanisms for preventing and addressing under performance.

The Prospectus is available from DCLG. http://www.eera.gov.uk/Documents/About%20EERA/RIEP/National%20I%20and%20E%20Prospectus.pdf