Abstracts: October 27th, 2008

This paper from Communities and Local Government distils out learning from the New Deal for Communities programme about neighbourhood level masterplanning.

Masterplanning involves bringing together strategies for the physical regeneration of an area. Failure to see the big picture can lead to misunderstandings when the masterplan is translated into tangible programmes. It follows that time and resources must be invested into developing a shared understanding of the definition and purpose of the masterplan document. There is evidence that although partners may be working hard together to achieve regeneration aims in the area and use the term ‘masterplanning’ to describe the process that they are engaged in, many are not aware of the wider strategic framework. This lack of awareness creates difficulties further down the road.

It is important for the New Deal for Communites partnership and all other stakeholders to be clear on the aims and scope of the masterplan, the status and role of existing plans and how they will affect the development of new proposals. Successful transformational change in the neighbourhood can only be achieved when community issues and concerns remain at the forefront of thinking.

The paper is available from DCLG. http://www.communities.gov.uk/documents/communities/pdf/969946.pdf