Abstracts: December 17th, 2008

NHS staff have now been given the ‘right to request’ to set up a social enterprise company to allow them to provide services, free at the point of delivery. The aim of this initiative is to give NHS staff the freedom to use their talents to find innovative ways to improve quality of care for patients.

Social enterprises provide the ability to innovate, to be more responsive to local need and to deliver high quality patient care. They combine the values of the NHS with the principles of business in an effective and efficient way.

NHS staff have a good understanding of patient needs and how to meet them and through the creation of social enterprises they will be able to set up and lead new organisations which will allow them to improve services to patients and users.

The ‘right to request’ entitles primary and community care staff to put a business case to their Primary Care Trust board to set up independent social enterprises and to have their case considered. If approved, the PCT will support the development of the social enterprise and award it a contract to provide services.

Social enterprise making a difference is available here. http://www.socialenterprise.org.uk/data/files/social_enteprise_making_a_difference_flyer.pdf