Abstracts: February 25th, 2009

This report from the Audit Commission sets out a framework for a scrutiny review of youth antisocial behaviour and it describes the availability of activities to reduce or prevent it.

Youth anti-social behaviour is a local concern in many areas, and most people agree that ‘having nothing to do’ is a trigger. Scrutiny provides an opportunity for elected members to engage with a complex topic, assess what is happening locally, and identify opportunities for improvement. Scrutiny panels or committees can review issues from several different viewpoints.

Young people are worried about their own safety and the lack of things to do locally. Scrutiny can help them to become more involved in the design, commissioning, delivery, and review of services.

Residents are often concerned about anti-social behaviour amongst young people and the lack of things for young people to do locally. Scrutiny can help them to make their voices heard, and identify common ground between the different generations.

Scrutiny of young people and antisocial behaviour has the potential to review and drive improvement in issues that affect community cohesion, but which are not the direct or sole responsibility of councils.

Most councils, and many other local agencies, provide or commission some good targeted activities. But there is little evidence of comprehensive area-based approaches.

Tired of Hanging Around is published by the Audit Commission. http://www.audit-commission.gov.uk/Products/NATIONAL-REPORT/9F4E760A-70C4-47e6-80D0-E7B37AF237E4/tiredofhangingaroundjan09REP.pdf