Abstracts: April 29th, 2009

This document from Communities and Local Government summarises the result of consultation on proposals to extend time off entitlements to specific civic roles, extend the list to reflect changes to the nature and types of civic roles available and to consider other ways to encourage participation in governance roles in third sector organisations.

There was widespread support for increasing time off entitlements, but employer representatives were opposed, describing the proposal as an additional cost on business.

The proposal to extend housing boards, such as TMO Boards, ALMO Boards and RSL Boards to the entitlement list was supported by the majority of respondents, but again employer representative were opposed. Many respondents suggested that independent members of Standards Committees should also be added to the list.

There are no proposals to extend statutory time off entitlements to third sector organizations because organisations, such as charities, do not have a statutory status and it is harder to draw consistency across similar organisations. This decision was supported by respondents. The document describes ways in which membership of third sector organisation boards might be encouraged.

Standing For Office is available from DCLG. http://www.communities.gov.uk/documents/communities/pdf/1180154.pdf