Abstracts: September 9th, 2009

The prevention package raises the focus on prevention as a means of ensuring good health, well-being and independence in later life by promoting and encouraging uptake of comprehensive health and social care services for older people. It brings together information on existing health ‘entitlements’ including sight tests, flu vaccination and cancer screening.

The theme of the package is keeping well in later life. It focuses on those issues which older people say are the most important in helping them keep well and active and help to get well again after a fall or serious illness.

The package promotes best practice around falls prevention and effective fracture management, introduces measures to improve access to affordable footcare services, updates national intermediate care guidance and summarises existing progress on audiology and telecare.

The prevention package encourages local health and social care commissioners to give priority to services that maximise health, well-being and independence in later life. It encourages people over 50 to take up services such as hearing and sight test, ‘flu vaccinations and screening for serious conditions, as well as helping them to be better informed of available options should they become ill, or have an accident.

The package is available from DoH. http://www.dh.gov.uk/en/AdvanceSearchResult/index.htm?searchTerms=prevention+package