Abstracts: September 16th, 2009

This document from the Children’s Workforce Development Council sets out for consultation the contribution to be made by social workers who work with children and families. It offers social workers a clear description of what is expected of them in their role, as well as providing their employers with a basis for planning ahead for their workforce. It also outlines the wider social work programme at the Council.

The document emphasises the importance for employers, colleagues, partner agencies, children, young people and families to have a clear understanding of what a social worker does and how that fits into the wider multi-disciplinary services provided for children. A clear description of the role and the impact of social workers on individual families, and society as a whole will help to attract people into the profession and ensure that training is appropriate preparation to the role.

The work is not easy and it takes a special kind of person to take on the challenges. At its best the work is deeply rewarding, bringing the satisfaction of knowing that families have been transformed, and children’s lives saved. But the profession faces a combination of low public esteem, a poor understanding of what social workers do, a lack of clarity about the impact of some of their work and difficulties in retaining experienced and dedicated staff in front line roles.

The statement of what social workers do is at: www.cwdcouncil.org.uk/social-work/statement/consultation