Abstracts: October 29th, 2009

This Place Survey of people’s satisfaction is a performance indicator for public services. It summarises what people think about the quality of local services and the priorities for their local area.

The survey revealed that the majority of local people were satisfied with local services: GP – 81 per cent; Fire Service – 81 per cent; Police – 56 per cent; local hospital – 73 per cent; and dentist – 69 per cent. Earlier results showed that overall satisfaction with where people lived was 80 per cent.

The things that people thought most needed improving in their local area included activities for teenagers, cited by 46 per cent of people, road and pavement repairs, 41 per cent, the level of traffic congestion, 36 per cent, the level of crime, 31 per cent and clean streets, 28 per cent.

The Place Survey is available from DCLG.