Abstracts: March 24th, 2010

The Empowering Young People pilots were part of the ten year youth strategy for positive activities. The aim of the pilots was to make funds available so that the most disadvantaged young people in nine pilot areas could access positive activities. The amounts of the monthly subsidy varied from £20 to £40.

Young people did not have direct access to the funds. They were given a mechanism whereby they could access the activity using funds paid directly to the provider of an activity or the providers of transport to an activity.

There evaluation showed that the scheme significantly increased young people’s participation in some positive activities. It led to a significant increase in participation in sporting activities and increased the rate of cinema visits. Most young people said that the scheme had enabled them to participate in at least one activity that they would not have otherwise done.

Evidence from the case-study visits revealed that young people were participating in a number of activities some of which they had done before and others which were a new opportunity. They also increased their knowledge of positive activities and experienced other benefits such as gaining new interests and skills.