Abstracts: January 31st, 2011

Technological equipment and systems, known as Telecare, whilst not a replacement for one-to-one contact, can provide support and independence for older people. It may help them feel safer and it may help relieve some of the anxieties of their families and carers.

The Counsel and Care guide explains the support that older people, their families and carers can get from the technology. It also gives information abut how choosing the best solution and how to get the technology.

The use of Telecare is on the rise with more than 160,000 using it in the last year. Telecare is available from local authorities and offers personalised solutions to suit people’s individual circumstances.

The guide gives examples of how telecare has helped older people remain in control of the way they want to live their lives. The guide can empower older people, their families and carers to understand and use these technologies more easily and get access to the best care and support to suit their needs.

Telecare and Telehealth are popular with clients, families and professionals alike because they can allow people to stay living independently at home for longer, leading to reductions in hospital or residential care admissions along with offering security and confidence for older people and those with long term needs.

The Guide is available to download.