Abstracts: February 7th, 2011

This publication present the findings from research into the views of staff, claimants for Housing and Council Tax Benefits and potential claimants, into the use of voice risk analysis to home in on potential false claims.

Research revealed that many claimants were unaware that anything unusual was taking place in the phone call. For some it seemed more burdensome as they had to take part in the phone call as well as completing the lengthy form.

Very few claimants reported negative experiences of the call. Several noted that they believed they would have been anxious if they had been fully aware of the nature of the VRA technology which was being used on them.

Overall, claimants were generally happy for VRA to be used in future calls they might make about benefits issues and no claimants stated that it would put them off claiming altogether. However, claimants felt strongly that alternative routes should be kept available for those who would prefer to make a claim in person or by post.

Claimants were generally positive about, or at least accepting of, VRA if it can deliver the speed and convenience it promises.

The document can be downloaded here.