Abstracts: April 10th, 2011

This report provides findings from discussion groups held with local residents on the reasons underpinning responses to a question in the British Crime Survey (BCS) that measures public confidence in the police and local council to tackle crime and anti social behaviour.

A key finding was that improving confidence will require increasing awareness of the role and work undertaken by the police and council in tackling crime. This is particularly important with respect to Neighbourhood Policing and understanding the role of the local council. Passive communication, using a channel that people are
already engaged with, e.g. radio, is perceived to be effective in building this awareness.

There is also a need to engage the public with the police and council and this process should be made as straightforward as possible to encourage community involvement. Engagement activities need to be taken to residents in environments in which they are comfortable or through existing channels.

It is also vital that prompt feedback on the outcomes of cases was seen as an important means of providing reassurance that action is being taken.

The report published by the Home Office, ISSN 1756-3666 ISBN 978 1 84987 440 is available here.