Abstracts: May 16th, 2011

The government’s Champion for Active Safer Communities, Baroness Newlove, has detailed what residents, businesses, local agencies and central government can do to begin a generational shift in the country’s approach to activism and tackling neighbourhood crime.

The report calls for a change of culture so neighbourhoods no longer see crime, antisocial behaviour and disorder as ‘someone else’s problem’; and for services to go beyond simply asking communities what their problems are and see them as equal partners in resolving those issues.

Recommendations for local areas to take forward include providing a ‘Community Reward’ where information provided by the community leads to a conviction the community is given a reward to spend on crime prevention work. Where money made from selling local drug dealers’ assets is handed back to the neighbourhood they blighted. This is known as Bling Back.

There are other recommendations for letting communities set their own local speed limits and providing council tax rebates, or vouchers for local businesses and services, for people who take part in activism.

Our Vision for Safe and Active Communities is available to download.