Abstracts: August 22nd, 2011

This framework for supporting personal assistants working in adult social care is part of the process to make it easier for people with disabilities to employ Personal Assistants.

The provision of personal budgets for all eligible people will mean personal assistants, directly employed by people who use care and support services, working in new, creative and person-centred ways to play an increasingly important role in providing tailored support to meet individual needs. This document provides a framework for supporting the development of the PA workforce and their employers over the next five years and beyond.

The framework concentrates on a localised approach to supporting PAs and employers and recognises that they are best placed to develop their own solutions. It acknowledges the role of active citizens using services, working in partnership with their families, friends, communities and organisations to develop the Big Society theme and empower individuals and communities to exercise control over provision of local services. The framework explores the roles of national and local government, communities and individuals.

The framework does not prescribe solutions but identifies potential obstacles and barriers and provides good practice examples for overcoming them. Decision-making and further actions need to be initiated at the lowest possible level with the support of national government.

The framework is available for download: