Abstracts: March 20th, 2012

This toolkit supports community led re-generation. It provides local communities, councils, business and social enterprises with information to help them come together to agree priorities for their area, and work in partnership to drive forward their plans for regeneration. It is based on all stakeholders working collaboratively with local service providers to improve the lives and opportunities of local people and unlock growth.

The actions taken and tools employed from the toolkit menu will vary from place to place and need to happen at the right spatial level. In disadvantaged neighbourhoods within a larger local authority area, the focus might be very much on the community and neighbourhood-led interventions to connect the neighbourhood to growth and opportunities nearby. Local partners may decide the priorities might be community development, skills, transport and influence of that particular community over plans for the wider area.

In other areas partners may agree that regeneration plans should encompass a whole town, city region, or rural area and the priorities might be attracting employers and investors.

The toolkit can be downloaded here.