Abstracts: April 3rd, 2012

Research commissioned by BIS showed that regular one-to-one sessions with a business adviser are a key component of support to enter self-employment. There should be a single point of contact to build a relationship based on trust.

Support delivered by individuals already running their own businesses can also add huge value to the programme. However, in view of the competing time demands of current business owners, and the importance of the one-to-one relationship with the business adviser, it is important that volunteers from within the business community ensure they have a regular time commitment to participants, if this key relationship is to be successful

Whilst a written business plan is useful for recording action to be taken, and can act as a test of participant motivation, participants and providers are keen to stress that the business plan document is not an end in itself. Hence these sessions should not rely too heavily on creating a business plan document but more on delivering the skill of business planning.

Welfare to self employment can be downloaded here