Abstracts: October 9th, 2012

This collection of case studies published by the Local Government Association describes the various forms of support councils are providing for unemployed young people.

The case studies demonstrate that because councils are close to the problem of unemployed youth and have much detailed and expert local knowledge, they are able to make effective interventions.

This research supports the case for a community budget for councils to tackle youth unemployment.

The current Youth Contract is not working and its major problem is fragmentation. Young people between 13 and 24 years old can receive support from at least eight national organisations, funding 33 different funds and schemes, spanning 13 different age groups at a cost of £15 billion each year.

The LGA has welcomed the conclusions of DWP Committee that the Youth Contract cannot address the high level of youth unemployment on its own and that young people need effective support from government. The LGA has previously made clear that a nationally-driven, one-size-fits-all approach to tackling youth unemployment is not working.

The Evaluation Report can be downloaded here.