Abstracts: February 7th, 2013

This paper sets out the plans for the Office for Civil Society.

Intelligent commissioning will be promoted through the new Commissioning Academy, the Social Outcomes Fund and a £20 million central top-up fund that will bring in investment to help finance early, preventative programmes on some of the most complex and expensive social problems. In addition the Centre for Social Society will promotes the development of more and better Social Impact Bonds.

Social Value will be promoted with legislation introduced in January 2013 that requires commissioners to consider social value in the pre-procurement stage of services contracting, helping to ensure full value from contracts is obtained.

The Mystery Shopper Service will continue to allow any organisation to register difficulties encountered in dealing with public body or prime contractor
procurement and provide support so that action is taken to improve processes.

The report also sets out new plans.

There will be a new national series of Masterclasses on winning and working with contracts.

Access long term finance will be improved through the social investment of the Big Society Capital partnership with UK banks.

Volunteers will be mobilised to work with and enhance statutory provision.

Social action projects will be supported through the Social Action Fund.

The paper can be downloaded here.