Book News: September 1st, 1997

by Robert Smith, former Director of Studies at The Civil Service College.Published by Longman (ISBN 0-582-23892-7)

The public sector is changing rapidly and its requirement for excellent management skills has never been greater The book has been written for managers at all levels in the public sector and responds to this need. It has much to say for the general manager as well as for staff in specialist planning departments.

It provides a comprehensive framework of how the strategic management and planning processes should be designed and managed in a public sector framework.

The emphasis is on the process as a whole, from clarifying formal responsibilities through analysis to the delivery of results. A wide range of techniques is introduced and their appropriate applications described to show where they fit within the whole and the situations where they can be particularly useful. This makes it of direct practical value to everyone who is in a position of managing significant resources.

Throughout the book there are references to examples from the public sector, mostly from central Government. The book concludes with an account of the actual planning processes in three public sector organisations.