Book News: June 19th, 1998

Carol Lupton, Stephen Peckham and Pat Taylor
Social Services Research and Information Unit, University of Portsmouth; Institute for Health Policy Studies, University of Southampton; Faculty of Health and Social Care, University of the West of England.

Public involvement is a key theme within the post-reform NHS, with a growing emphasis on involving people in healthcare decision-making, improving accountability to the public and developing a stronger focus on the consumer or user of services. This challenging book establishes a framework for public involvement in healthcare. With a focus on purchasing, the authors draw on recent research understanding to describe the central factors ‘driving’ involvement and the organizational structures and processes by which it is underpinned. Current progress in respect of public involvement is assessed and recommendations made for the development of effective strategies. The discussion of current issues and debates is set within a wider theoretical and historical examination of the concepts of ‘citizenship’ and ‘accountability’, detailing the changing role of the ‘consumer’ in the context of the major developments in the organization and delivery of public services that have taken place in Britain in the last two decades.

Contents: Acknowledgements – Introduction – Health and citizenship – Restructuring public services – Politics, markets and accountability – Understanding public involvement – The history of public involvement in health – Healthcare purchasing: a new framework for public involvement – Public involvement: health authority responses – Involvement: the response from the public – The future of public involvement – Bibliography – Index.

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