Book News: June 22nd, 1998

Alan Lawton
Open University Business School.

This is an accessible introduction to the role of ethics in public services management. It is written for new and experienced managers, undergraduate and postgraduate students of the public services.

Ethical Management for the Public Services:
•deals with key issues for public services managers •integrates theory and practice throughout •uses vignettes, case studies and original research from various countries to illustrate the issues •helps managers identify ethical dilemmas •provides ethical frameworks to support managers in their practical decisions •explores ethical relationships between managers and a range of stakeholders including politicans, citizens and clients •locates ethics at different levels: the individual, the organizational, and the societal

Contents: Introduction: the ethics agenda – Ethical issues – Ethical issues and public service principles – The public service ethos – Roles, relationships and rules – The organizational dimension – Ethics and evaluations – Ethical training for decisions – Conclusions – References – Index.

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