Book News: June 26th, 1998

Rohan Collier

This book gives practical advice on how organizations delivering a service to the public can meet the needs of different groups of people. Using examples from the private, public and voluntary sectors, Rohan Collier explains how to develop and implement equalities policies which effect real change. She argues that to be successful, an organization must know and address the different needs and interests of its customers or clients; and the only way to fully understand the needs of a diverse public is to take account of equalities issues.

This is the first book of its kind. It will enable organizations to improve their image, enhance their services, and widen their customer or client base.

Contents: Preface – Acknowledgements – Introduction – Why equal opportunities in service delivery – How services can discriminate – What the law requires – Identifying needs: involving the public – Developing and implementing equal opportunities policies in service delivery – Developing performance indicators and monitoring for equalities – Reviewing and changing services – Problems to achieving equalities in service delivery – Bibliography – Index.

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