Book News: July 13th, 1998

Sub-National Politics in Britain

Clive Gray, Senior Lecturer in Politics and Public Administration, De Montfort University, Leicester

This book analyses the politics of the vast range of organisations that make up the public sector away from Whitehall and Westminster. It deals with the history, policy-making, and inter-governmental relations of local government, the NHS, quangos and the outposts of central government. An ideal introductory text for students of politics and public administration and for anyone concerned with this part of the administrative machine of Britain.

Contents: List of Tables and Figures – Acknowledgements – Introduction – The Local Governments of Britain – Themes and Issues in Sub-National Government – The Changing System: The Conservative ‘Revolution’ – Sub-National Government: The Concerns of the Centre – Policy-Making in Sub-National Government – Policy Networks and Sub-National Government – Re-Making Policy Networks: Three Case-Studies – Theoretical Perspectives – Conclusion: The Future of Government Beyond the Centre – A Guide to Further Reading – Bibliography

Government Beyond the Centre
Series Editor: Gerry Stoker
232pp 216x138mm Paperback £14.99 ISBN 0-333-55558-9
Hardback £45.00 ISBN 0-333-55557-0