Book News: July 20th, 1998

Trends and Developments

Edited by: Richard Batley, Senior Lecturer in Local Government Studies, University of Birmingham, and Gerry Stoker, Professor of Politics, University of Strathclyde

Written by experts from all over Europe, this book provides an overview of issues and developments in European local government and in-depth analysis of its changing status, functions, management and control in each of the main countries. ‘Local Government in Europe’ is a stimulating and thought-provoking book, well produced and attractively presented by the publishers, which adds to the incentive to read it rather than just buy it and shelve it for future use’ – John Benington, Public Administration

Contents: List of Tables – Notes on the Contributors – Foreword – Acknowledgements – Introduction: Trends in Western European Local Government; G.Stoker – Western European Local Government in Comparative Perspective; A.Norton – Trends in Local Autonomy and Democracy: Reflections from a European Perspective; P.Blair – The Restructuring of Local Government in England and Wales; P.John – Customer-Orientated Service Delivery in German Local Administration; D.Grunow – Public Goods and Private Operators in France; D.Lorrain – Italian Local Services: The Difficult Road Towards Privatisation; B.Dente – Experiences and Experiments in Dutch Local Government; H.A.G.M.Bekke – The System of Local Government in Portugal; A.Pereira – Improving Access to Administration in Spain; J.F.Mateo – Local Government in Ireland; T.J.Barrington – The Changing Local Government and Politics of Sweden; A.Gustafsson – Key Issues in the Local Government Debate in Denmark; O.Nissen – The ‘Free Local Government’ Experiment in Norway; P.Lodden – Comparisons and Lessons; R.Batley

Government Beyond the Centre – Series Editor: Gerry Stoker
253pp 216x138mm Paperback £16.50 ISBN 0-333-55480-9