Book News: July 22nd, 1998

Sue Dopson, Lecturer in Management Studies and Fellow in Organizational Behaviour, Templeton College, Oxford

This book uses the case of the National Health Service to examine the management of ambiguity and change. Studies of the implementation of the Griffiths Report have identified a number of unintended consequences, but it is argued that they have not adequately theorised these outcomes in the policy implementation process. It is suggested that the process-sociological approach of Elias, and in particular his game models, enable us to better understand the complex interweaving of planned and unplanned processes which is involved in the management of change.

Contents: Introduction – Reorganizations of the NHS: Theory and Practice – Eliasian Sociology – The Introduction of General Management in the NHS: An Example of Managed Social Change – DGM’s Priorities: An Eliasian Analysis – Case Study: The Development of a Mental Health Policy – Conclusion

October 1997 184pp 216x138mm

Hardback £40.00 ISBN 0-333-66906-1