Book News: July 29th, 1998

Steve Leach, Senior Lecturer, Institute of Local Government Studies, University of Birmingham, John Stewart, Lecturer in Social Policy, Lancaster University, and Kieron Walsh, sometime Professor of Public Sector Management, University of Birmingham

Local government organisation and management in Britain is in the throes of a major transformation brought about by changing economic, social and political circumstances and central government legislation. This book outlines the major pressures for change and analyses and assesses local government’s response in terms of role, culture, structure and internal process. Particular attention is paid to the consequences of new decentralised, competitive/regulatory and enabling models of what local authorities should be like in the mid 1990s.

Contents: The Nature of Local Authorities – The Contribution of Organisation Theory – Organisational Continuity and Organisational Change – Internal Management: Structures and Processes – The Political Dimension – Managing People – Decentralised Management – The Role of the Centre – Managing with Other Organisations: Competition and Enabling – Conclusion: The New Local Authority?

Government Beyond the Centre General Editor: Gerry Stoker
ICS 288pp 216x138mm

Paperback £14.99 ISBN 0-333-54928-7
Hardback £45.00 ISBN 0-333-54927-9