Book News: August 5th, 1998

Enabling the Learning Society

Stewart Ranson, Professor of Education, University of Birmingham, and John Stewart, Lecturer in Social Policy, Lancaster University

‘…a clear and provocative account of how we have gone wrong in public management and how we might begin to put it right.’ – Ricardo Blaug, Political Science

In this important attempt to reorient the theory and practice of public management, Stewart Ranson and John Stewart argue that public organisations must be analysed in terms of the distinctive values, purposes, tasks and conditions of the public domain. They show how it is only on this basis that they can meet the needs of citizens in a mature democracy and support the processes of a learning society.

Contents: Preface – PART I PUBLIC ORGANISATIONS IN QUESTION – Tranformations and Predicaments – Towards a Theory of Public Management – PART II THE PUBLIC DOMAIN: PURPOSES AND CONDITIONS – The Dualities of Citizenship – Organising Principles – Renewing Democracy – Interdependence and Cooperation – PART III THE CHANGING TASKS OF PUBLIC MANAGEMENT – Beyond Codes and Contracts – Public Learning – Judging Public Choice – Enabling Public Accountability – Empowering a Public Culture – Conclusion – References

320pp 216x138mm
Paperback £16.99 ISBN 0-333-49558-6
Hardback £47.50 ISBN 0-333-49557-8