Book News: August 14th, 1998

Lessons from Management Gurus for Local Government Managers

Alan Fowler

How far can the thinking of great management ‘gurus’ be applied to the UK’s public sector? How can the busy manager learn something about the practical pros and cons of the management concepts promoted by the likes of Tom Peters, Peter Drucker and Charles Handy? Gurus for Government has been written specifically with these questions in mind. The book looks at the theories of some of the most publicised manage gurus and how the concepts they promote – such as business process re-engineering, the learning organisation and empowerment – can be applied to the many problems of managing public services in the late 1990’s. Using his own experiences as a practising manager and consultant, Alan Fowler guides the reader through the potential pitfalls of applying theory largely based on the studies of sizeable US companies to the UK public sector – which is so culturally and structurally different.

ISBN – 8607 2040 4 £24.95