Book News: August 18th, 1998

Belman D, Gunderson M, Hyatt D (Eds)

Studies public sector employment and offers two suggestions for future directions in the rapidly changing system: one emphasizes improving the efficiency of government through innovative practices and a movement away from the bureaucratic, civil service model, while the other stresses cost cutting as an end in itself. Suggests that the first strategy offers improved services and a more involved workforce, and the implicit goals of the second are often service reduction, downsizing government, privatization of service provision and reductions in real compensation. Deals with the full scope of public employment relations, including issues of labour adjustment, workplace practices and human resource management policies, as well as alternative dispute resolution procedures and labour-management co-operation in the collective bargaining arena.

Publisher: Cornell University Press ISBN: 0913447676. 1997 Price: $24.95