Book News: August 20th, 1998

John Walker former Head of Communications, Brent LBC

The Society of Local Government Chief Executives and the Local Government Management Board worked with professional PR groups to produce this booklet. It looks at the role of chief executives in communicating with a wide variety of audiences. These include: residents, service recipients, employees, councillors, local media, local government world, other public sector organisations and the business community. It shows how strategic intervention by the chief executive can for example influence potential employees. Suggestions are offered on the approaches that can be used for the different target audiences. The booklet seeks to stimulate action by posing 50 questions such as: ‘Could you produce a document of more than a dozen positive articles about your council that have appeared in the professional press over the past two years?’

Available from LGMB Publications 0171 296 6600 price 12 pounds.


Publicnet Briefing will play an increasingly significant role in taking corporate messages of views and experiences to a wide audience.

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