Book News: August 21st, 1998

Edited by D E Hussey, Nottingham Business School.

The implementation of strategy remains one of the most difficult areas of management. Success depends both on the selection of the appropriate strategy and converting that strategy into action. If either of these aspects is deficient, the strategy may fail, or be less effective than it should be. Although much less has been written on change management and transformational leadership, both of which are relevant to strategy implementation, there have been few books which look at implementation as a whole subject. David Hussey brings together a collection of the best papers from the Journal of Strategic Change, covering a number of concepts and approaches. The articles collected here will help the reader to meet the challenge of implementation in his or her own situation. The task of implementing a new and complex strategy will never be easy, but there is much here that will help.

ISBN 0-47196589-8. 306 pp