Book News: August 24th, 1998

Paul S. Myers (Manager, Ernst & Young Centre for Business Innovation, Boston, USA)

This collection of essays examines how the management of an organization shapes the levels of knowledge transfer, innovation and learning. It draws upon 50 years of management thinking and presents issues facing knowledge-intensive organizations with examples from real management experience. The chapters are arranged thematically and discuss decision-making, organisation structure, innovation, strategic alliances and power relations. The study draws together the work of economists, sociologists, psychologists, management thinkers and practitioners. Represented in this volume are the ideas of academics including the late economist Frederick Hayek and the French sociologist Michael Crozier as well as management thinkers such as Harvard Business School Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter and Charles Handy.

£19.99 Paperback ISBN: 0-7506-9749-0