Book News: October 30th, 1998

By Sue Goss and Charles LeadbeaterPublic sector managers are under increasing pressure to deliver better services but, despite government reforms of recent years, they still encounter significant barriers. The public sector is still slow to learn the lessons both of good practice and of service barriers. It is often too concerned about outputs rather than outcomes.

Civic Entrepreneurship argues that those problems – to a large extent – can be faced and overcome. What is needed are skills that have long been celebrated in the private sector but not, until recently, in the public sector – that is, the skills of the entrepreneur. While a private sector entrepreneur is marked by her ability to use resources creatively to add profit, a civic entrepreneur is someone who can use resources creatively to add social value. By analysing five remarkable case studies from a primary school, a police force, a health authority and two local authorities, this document describes how people with the skills and the attitudes to become civic entrepreneurs harness new ideas, promote partnerships and develop innovative solutions to local problems.

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