Book News: January 18th, 1999

Contributors include: Will Hutton, Charles Handy, Geoff Mulgan, Roger Scruton, Geraldine Bedell, Ray Pahl, Helen Wilkinson, Robert Worcester and Helena Norberg-Hodge.’Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ is how the American declaration of Independence sums up the good life. The pursuit of happiness is rarely spoken of in public life today. Instead, we talk mainly of economic growth and higher consumption. But increasingly, these are under challenge. Growth and consumerism are widely seen as incapable of providing the basis for real happiness and an ethically good life, as well as being environmentally unsustainable.

This Demos Collection argues that it is time to bring the idea of good life back in our public conversation. A powerful line-up of contributors explores what we know about happiness, why consumerism is delivering the goods but not the good life and what kinds of private and public strategies could bring us nearer to genuine well-being, as individuals and as a society.

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