Book News: May 11th, 1999

Demos Collection 3

The concept of Lean Democracy draws on the principles of lean production and lean organisation which have proven so successful in business in recent years. This special issue of the Demos Quarterly, includes calls for Constituents Charters, Voter Vetoes and extending the jury system into politics. It is a far reaching collection arguing for radical change in the way democracy and government are run. It argues that we need wholesale reforms, going well beyond existing constitutional reform ideas, to make government more open and responsive to citizens. Contributors from all three parties argue for a range of reforms including: extending the Citizen’s Charter idea with Constituent’s Charters for MPs setting out their goals, responsibilities and interests; voter juries to advise on key policy issues, and the use of new cable and telecommunications technologies to involve local people in participative models of electronic democracy

Published by Demos and available from Central Books, 99 Wallis Road, London E9 5LN. Tel: 0181 986 4854