Book News: May 18th, 1999

By Chris Cornforth and Charles Edwards

Based on in-depth case studies this book explores the relationship between
boards and management. Drawing on recent theory it highlights some of the
important tensions and dilemmas that boards and managers face as they work
together and how these can be addressed.

‘The beauty of this book lies in the way it draws together common themes and
different issues and strands in governance, explores them in a very
practical way, thereby making sense of what may sometimes appear to be
disparate concepts, theories and practice. By highlighting the issues,
their implications and best practice adopted by various organisations, the
book identifies ways of bridging the gap between theory and practice.’
Tesse Akpeki, Head of Board Development, National Council for Voluntary

ISBN 1 874784 90 6. Published by CIMA Publishing, 63 Portland St, London W1N 4AB, UK. Price 18 pounds  95p , plus P&P.
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