Book News: June 10th, 1999

By Tom Bentley and Ravi Gurumurthy

This ground-breaking report sets out, for the first time, a detailed national picture of the numbers of young people who are ‘off register’: not in work, full-time education or training and not claiming unemployment benefits. It shows that the problems facing those at risk are far greater than the limited picture provided by unemployment statistics or school league tables . The situation they face puts them at risk of long-term marginalisation, with huge costs to individuals, government and society as a whole.

The report argues that reforms must focus on the overall coherence of support and provision, rather than on the effectiveness of single institutions and programmes. Drawing on lessons from local projects, international best practice and new statistical evidence, it sets a challenging agenda for government, the voluntary sector and local communities to achieve social inclusion for all.

Published by Demos. ISBN 1 898309 29 9. 9 pounds 95p
Available from Central Books, 99 Wallis Road, London E9 5LN