Book News: September 8th, 1999

By Sue Charteris and Professor Paul Corrigan.

Local government is modernising its political structures in response to government proposals outlined in ‘Local Leadership, Local Choice’. The most important part of these changes is the development of the split between the executive and the monitoring or scrutiny sides of the Council. This pamphlet, drawing on experiences of local authorities across England and Wales describes the practical ways in which local authorities can develop their scrutiny functions. Effective scrutiny is a vital component of the modernisation of local government. This easy to read guide is full of evidence of best practice and practical advice to demonstrate how scrutiny can contribute to better government. The report should be read by all members and officers determined to make scrutiny work…’ Cllr David Wilson, 1st Deputy Mayor, LB of Lewisham

1 – 19 copies 13 pounds .95 (+1 pound 25p  p&p) per copy. 20+ copies 5 pounds (+75p  p&p) ISBN 0 9534 903 4 3

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