Book News: September 22nd, 1999

By Sue Gross and Professor Paul Corrigan

The draft local government (organisations and standards) bills sets out a
range of new roles and responsibilities for council members. This pamphlet
explores the way in which councillors need to develop their scrutiny,
representation and executive skills to fill these different roles and the
support they will need. ‘I believe this publication is a major move
forward in the evolving debate on the representative role. Getting a grasp
of what this is really going to mean to the majority of elected members is
whithout doubt the biggest barrier, as I see it, to the enthusiastic
implementation of the Government’s modernisation programme?’ Councillor
Douglas Eyre, Bournemouth Borough Council

Published by Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the New Local Government
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ISBN 0 9534 903 4 3. 1 – 19 copies 13 pounds 95 (+1 pound p&p per copy.)
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