Book News: September 29th, 1999

SECTOR Linden, R. M.Shows how to make government more responsive to the public’s will so that it can regain the public’s confidence. Offers public institutions what they desperately need – a practical, proven model to transform themselves for the future. Defines re-engineering as based on three principles: challenge the fundamental assumptions on which the organization is built; focus on processes; and organize around outcomes (not inputs and outputs). Not a book filled only with theory; it includes chapters on dealing with barriers, tips on implementation, and practical suggestions for handling the people problems associated with fundamental change. Provides a useful road map to change, but also challenges the reader to develop new ways of thinking about government, about service, and about their changing roles. A bold call to action.

Published by Jossey Bass. 25 (US) dollars.95 cents. ISBN: 078790015X