Book News: October 1st, 1999

By Valerie Archibald,Resource Accounting represents a fundamental change to the way Government Departments, Agencies and Non-Departmental Public Bodies report on their spending and achievements. The book covers the range of processes in simple language, making it a ‘must have’ read for managers, members of parliament and accountancy students. The foreword is written by head of the Government Accounting Service, Andrew Likierman, who says: “Valerie Archibald’s book will enable many who have had very little contact with the world of accounting to get to grips with the changes that will make more sophisticated the way central government plans, controls and reports on what it does.”

Resource Accounting, priced 14 pounds 94p, is available from the Civil Service College library on 01344 634371. ISBN 0-9536688-0-0.